Basic fare ticket

Valid for the day of issue only (round trip tickets are valid for 2 days)
If you cannot purchase it at the ticket office, please pay before disembarking. You cannot stop over Both the Seishun 18 Ticket and IC Card ticket may not be used to ride. Please purchase a ticket or pay the fare inside the train. There is no way to record the boarding information onto the IC card so please request a form from the Station master or train conductor and upon arriving at a station which accepts IC cards, make the necessary payment of the fare. JAPAN RAIL PASS can not be used.

Ticket office
Ogaki station
JR track 6 Tarumi railway ticket office (8:00-16:00)
JR ticket office (except for the special discount ticket)
JR ticket machine (use far right machine only) * only sells tickets for trains leaving from Ogaki station
Kitagata-Makuwa station
ticket office (Tuesday and Friday 15:00-18:00)
Motosu station
ticket office (open from the first train to the last train)
Ticket machine (only sells one way ticket from Motosu station)
How to purchase a ticket at an unmanned station
Getting on the train
Please take a numbered ticket at the rear door of the car. If you do not take a ticket, you will need to pay the fare from the first station of the railway.
Getting off the train
When exiting, drop the exact fare and the numbered ticket in a box next to the driver’s seat. Please have small change ready. Change cannot be given for 2,000, 5,000,or 10,000 yen bills on the train.
Basic fare ticket table

Group tickets

This is a discount ticket for a group of 8 people or larger traveling together. Please notify Tarumi Station (TEL. 0581-34-8039) 2 weeks prior of travel day to purchase the discount tickets.

Fare by Age
Type (AGE) Price Others
(12 and older)
Adult Fare Eligible for Child fare if 12 years old and attending elementary school.
Half price of Adult fare (round up if less than 10 yen) Fare is free for children who are 6 years old and not attending elementary school.
(under 6 years old)
Free If a Child rides alone, a Child fare will be charged.
If there are multiple Children accompanying an Adult or Child, a Child fare will be charged for the 3rd accompanying child who is 1 years old but under 6 years of age.
(under 1 years old)