About handmade items

Two pieces of personal item, each with the maximum combined height, width and depth of 250 cm (maximum allowable length: 200 cm) and the maximum weight of 30kg each may be taken on board.(Personal items such as umbrellas, canes and handbags are not counted as one of these items.)

Free luggage

Suitcase, sports equipment, instruments, leisure items, toys and other carry-ons.

Surfboards must be in designated bags


Bicycles used for sports events must be folded or be disassembled and placed in designated bags Bicycles that cannot be disassembled or those that cannot be stored in a bag may not be carried on board.

Paid luggage (290 yen per luggage)

Small animals such as small dogs, cats and birds contained in a cage or case with a combined total of height, width and depth within 90 cm can be carried on board. The weight, including the case and animal must be less than 10 kg.

If you are carrying on a small animal, you cannot take it out of its carrying case at the station or inside the train.

You may not take baggage on board if it could bother other passengers, if the train is crowded.

Information about paid luggage

If you board from Ogaki station or Motosu station, please show your luggage at the ticket office and purchase a luggage ticket.

If you board at an unmanned station, please show your luggage to the train driver and pay 290 yen for each luggage in addition to your fare.

Caution: Unacceptable luggage

You may not take dangerous items, gas stove, animals (excludes small animals which are mentioned above), corpses, unsanitary items, items with strong odor or items that will bring harm to other passengers, items that can damage the interior of the train.

Lost and found

If you lose your belongings at the station or inside the train, please contact a staff member or Motosu station office.

Inquiries for lost items

Motosu station(Open from the first train to the last train) TEL.0581-34-3768