Passengers with special needs

To ensure a safe, convenient riding environment for the elderly and for those with disabilities, Tarumi railway has an active accessibility program for updating services and facilities for special needs.

Passengers with wheelchairs

There is a step between the train and the platform, so a staff member will escort you to the platform and help you get on or off the train. Some of the trains have designated seating for wheelchairs. Please call Motosu station ( TEL.0581-34-3768 ) at least 2 days before your travel date and arrive early on the day.

Please understand that depending on the crowd, the time of the day we may need to ask you to wait to be escorted.

Due to one-man-operated, we ask that passengers be accompanied by a helper.

Passengers who are visually impaired

Upon request, a staff member will escort you to the platform and help you get on or off the train.

Passengers with a hearing-impairment

Upon request, our staff will support you with written communication.

Guide dogs, assistance dogs and hearing dogs

Guide dogs for the visually and hearing impaired designated by the Disability Assistance Dog Laws are allowed on board for free if accompanied by owner and must be showing designated sign on guide dog.

Universal design

To ensure comfortable riding environment for all passengers, Tarumi railway is working hard to update the facilities in its stations or inside the trains.

Accessible ramp and braille

Ogaki, Malera-Gifu and Oribe, each station has accessible ramps to the platform and put braille.

Photo of Slope of Morerato Station
Accessible Ramp of Malera-Gifu station
Photo of Braille sticker on railing of Morerra station
Handrails with braille
Accessible ramp inside train and wheelchair spaces

Haimo295-516, Haimo 295-617, Haimo 330-701, Haimo 330-702 all have accessible ramps and reserved areas for wheelchairs. Haimo 295-315 has reserved area for wheelchairs.

A wheelchair ride slope of “Haimo 295-516”
Haimo 295-516 Accessible ramp
Space for wheelchair riding “Haimo 295-516”
Haimo 295-516 Wheelchair area