During Showa 59th(1984), National Tarumi line was discontinued.People’s cries to keep the line, supported for the opening of the Tarumi Railway The Railway will continue to run through the town, gazing the river, through the tunnel and into the deep green valley.  Carrying the hearts of all present and future.

What is Tarumi Railway

Tarumi railway is a local railway that runs from Ogaki city Gifu prefecture to Neo Motosu city.

In 1956, Japan national railways Tarumi line started to run from Ogaki station to Tanigumiguchi station, In1958, it extended to Mino-koumi station. But In 1984, Japan national railways decided to discontinue Tarumi line. After that, supported by many people who wish to keep this line, Tarumi railways was reborn as a third sector which means a joint venture company of local government and private capital. In addition, the extension work had started for local residents and finally In 1989, they opened all the way to Tarumi station.

Daily transportation and a tourist train to appeal to the area

There are 19 stations from Ogaki station to Tarumi station and it extends 34,5km long. Starting with scenery of the city lined with shopping centers and houses, pastoral landscape, overlooking the clear blue Neogawa River from lush valleys, you can look at wide variety of scenery from the train window.
Cherry blossoms in the spring, lush greens in the summer, Japanese maple in the fall, and winter scenery with snow, you can enjoy the changes during all four seasons.

The Tarumi Railway is used and enjoyed by all both young and old and has become their main source of transportation. Lately there are events such as the “Neo-gawa”, “Yakuso-Ressya” and “Shishinabe-Ressya” which bring many tourists from within and outside the prefecture.

The Small Train will continue to run, with everyone aboard through the familiar landscape.